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One Night (English version)

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ONE NIGHT (English version) is a romantic comedy about two people who first meet on a blind date – told in real time. This means that the last second of the first episode is the first second of episode 2. The series is designed for binge-watching … because here you can in fact ask yourself the question: What happens in the second after the one you just saw?

The main characters are both in their early thirties, clearly portrayed as equally strong people.
This is not a polished version of a relationship, but one that adheres to a reality that everyone who has been on a first date will personally recognize.

That being said, it will definitely appeal to that part of us that wants to watch something upbeat that leaves us feeling good. Something that quite simply leaves us with a better feeling inside after watching an episode than before we sat down.

The target audience for this series is people who have lived a bit, but still don’t see themselves as 100% grown up… even if their age says they are. Those who are between 28-38.

The genre is by definition tailored towards a majority of women viewers, but we pride ourselves enough on our ability to create three-dimensional characters that we would be extremely surprised if this was not equally effective in reaching a male audience.

So the target we are aiming for is a primary group in their late twenties to late thirties, with a five-year overlap on each side.

The story will be told in an entertaining and “feelgood” style that will also reach those who otherwise would not have drama as their first viewing choice.

It will even appeal to those who like to watch reality-TV. At the same time, this is definitely a series with enough narrative intelligence and visual power to grab those who do not usually watch linear-TV, and who tend to specifically choose content on cable or streaming platforms. It should be extremely feasible to reach both segments.

People are surprisingly similar – we all want, from time to time, to dream ourselves away to a reality different to our own, and to feel through others. Especially if we get an underlying, unspoken assurance that this will ultimately end well – even if it is going to be amusing, uncomfortable, touching and intimate along the way.

Year: 2018
Type: Drama
Genere: Drama
Director: Øystein Karlsen
Cast: MyAnna Buring, Gisli Orn Gardarsson
DoP: Annika Summerson
Prod. Designer: Signe Gerda Landfald
Executive producers: Anders Tangen, Øystein Karlsen, Vegard Stenberg Eriksen
Sales agent: Federation Entertainment