The Last Crusader

Short // 2005 - Viafilm

The Last Crusader is the story of the last survivor from a group of nine crusaders from the north that lived during the time of the last crusades. The holy land is lost to the enemy and after the many defeats, they start their journey back home. Consumed by shame and hatred they make a solemn promise to God to return one day and continue the fight against the infidel. But in the middle of this white and desolate landscape they meet death in a new and unexpected way that will bring them closer to their enemy in a way they never could have imagined.

Year: 2005
Type: Short
Genere: Drama
Director: Rodrigo Stoicheff
Cast: The Ordo Ignis Group
Screenplay: Rodrigo Stoicheff
DoP: Thomas Løkkeberg, Marie Anisdahl
Editor: Rodrigo Stoicheff, Nina Altaparmakova
Composer: Magnus Beite
Sound Designer: Tormod Ringnes, Sigrun Merete Mongstad

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  • The Last Crusader

    The Last Crusader